The piano is one of the most versatile instruments on the market. Its repertoire spans across virtually all genres and styles of music. A pianist spices up your reception with jazz, romanticizes your walk down the aisle with Chopin, electrifies the cocktail hour with show tunes, and ushers you off to your honeymoon with a bit of Rock & Roll.  

And that’s not even the best part! You get the impression of a full band with only one musician on one instrument for a much lower price.

However, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little edge to the performance. Couple up your pianist with a violinist, cellist, or a flutist. These duos make lovely ensembles, pleasing your guests’ ears without the high volume of a larger group.  

Our musicians perform on top of the line keyboards. A keyboard is an electric or digital piano. It usually comes with a large selection of sound effects, timbres, backing tracks, and percussive beats to accompany the pianist. With a keyboard, a lone pianist could sound like a small jazz or rock band. However, we know many of our clients prefer the power, serendipity, and tone quality of acoustic instruments. For an additional fee, our pianist can play on a baby grand piano for your event or ceremony.

As a side note, many wedding venues in Charleston come equipped with baby grand pianos: the Thomas Bennet House, Daniel Island Club, or Francis Marion Hotel, just to name a few.

Remember, Charleston Virtuosi represents the best musicians in the Charleston and Savannah areas. Hire a pianist from us, and we will make your wedding, reception, rehearsal dinner, house concert, and much more unforgettable! Don’t forget to check our jazz piano quartet and jazz piano trio

Classical Wedding Music Samples

Wedding Ceremony on Spring Island
Luke Faulkner – Daydreaming

Jazz Piano Music Sample recorded at Francis Marion Hotel

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Violin-Piano Duo (religious music) CLICK HERE to watch more videos!

Violin-Piano Duo (pop covers) CLICK HERE to watch more videos!

Wedding Ceremony on Kiawah Island (jazz trio)

Dinner Service with Jazz Quartet

Brazilian Bossa Nova Music Jazz Trio