About Us

About US

The Charleston Virtuosi is a group of brilliant, dynamic and committed musicians offering a comprehensive variety of musical styles across South Carolina and other states along the East Coast. Located in Historic and beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, the Charleston Virtuosi specializes in weddings, corporate events as well as public and private concert performances. The Charleston Virtuosi was established in 2009 by violist Peter Kiral. Since its inception, the Charleston Virtuosi has won the attention of several notable publications in addition to an enthusiastic reception from the Charleston audience for their sophisticated image and elegant sound. In addition to performing classical arrangements, The Charleston Virtuosi also works with top event planners and venues.

The Charleston Virtuosi has performed at many annual events in and around the Low Country, including Charleston Fashion Week, Charleston Art Walk, Festival of Houses and Gardens, The 2nd Sunday Event and Piccolo Spoleto Festival to name a few.

The Charleston Virtuosi regularly performs at St. Luke's Chapel, located in charming downtown Charleston on the corner of Ashley Avenue and Bee Street in addition to coordinating their Tuesday Noon Concert Series. The Charleston Virtuosi also regularly performs at the College of Charleston's, Monday Night Concert Series as well as the Embassy Concert Series in Washington, DC.

Our services

Charleston Virtuosi Ensemble offers the following music services

  • Live Music Performance for Any Kind of Occasion
  • Weddings - Prelude Music, Ceremony Music, Cocktail Hour, Wedding Reception
  • Live Music Performance for Private Parties, Company Dinners, Anniversaries, Banquets, Funerals...
  • Music Arrangements by Special Order
  • Ceremony Audio System (wireless microphones, speakers, audio engineer)

Charleston Virtuosi Ensemble offers the following sizes of ensembles

Classical Music

  • Solo Instrumental Performance (violin, electric violin, viola, cello, guitar,piano, voice)
  • String Duo (violin+viola, violin+cello, violin+piano, guitar+violin)
  • String Trio (violin+viola+cello, violin+violin+cello, guitar+violin+cello, violin+cello+piano)
  • String Quartet (2violins+viola+cello)
  • Electric String Quartet (2violins+viola+cello)
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Wedding Orchestra
  • Brass Orchestra
  • Choir

South Carolina's Exclusive

  • Electric Solo Violin Performance
  • Electric Violin Trio
  • Electric String Quartet
  • Wedding Orchestra

Jazz Music

  • Solo: guitar, piano, saxophone
  • Duo: two guitars | guitar & violin
  • Trio: two guitars & stand up bass | guitar, stand up bass, violin or drums | two guitars & stand up bass, trumpet, violin or drums
  • Quartet: two guitars, stand up bass, violin/trumpet/drums/piano

Folk Music (bluegrass, country, folk-rock, and gypsy jazz)

  • Duo: guitar, mandolin (with optional vocals)
  • Trio: guitar, mandolin, stand up bass (with optional vocals or fiddle)

Wedding Bands

  • Jazz Band - Leo & Luna
  • Cover Band - The Manny Band
  • Bluegrass Band - The Cattle In The Cane

Wedding DJ

  • DJ Jake B

Charleston Virtuosi travels

We love destination weddings and we can perform where ever you would like us to be! We've done weddings in Los Angeles, Aspen and in Miami. Our sister groups are based in Washington DC & in New York City!