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Charleston Virtuosi Ensemble offers the following music services


Live Music Performance for Any Kind of  Occasion

Weddings - Prelude Music, Ceremony Music, Cocktail Hour, Wedding Reception

Live Music Performance for Private Parties, Company Dinners, Anniversaries, Banquets, Funerals...

Music Arrangements by Special Order

Music Lessons for Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Mandolin, Stand Up Bass, Piano and Voice



Charleston Virtuosi Ensemble offers the following sizes of ensembles


Classical Music

Solo Instrumental Performance (violin, electric violin, viola, cello, guitar,piano, voice)

String Duo (violin+viola, violin+cello, violin+piano, guitar+violin)

String Trio (violin+viola+cello, violin+violin+cello, guitar+violin+cello, violin+cello+piano)

String Quartet (2violins+viola+cello)

Electric String Quartet (2violins+viola+cello)

Chamber Orchestra

Wedding Orchestra

Brass Orchestra



South Carolina's Exclusice

Electric Violin Performance

Electric String Quartet

Wedding Orchestra


Jazz Music

Solo: guitar, piano

Duo: two guitars | guitar & violin

Trio: two guitars & stand up bass | guitar, stand up bass, violin or drums | two guitars & stand up bass, trumpet, violin or drums

Quartet: two guitars, stand up bass, violin/trumpet/drums/piano



Folk Music (bluegrass, country, folk-rock, and gypsy jazz)

Duo: guitar, mandolin (with optional voice)

Trio: guitar, mandolin, stand up bass (with optional voice or fiddle)


Wedding Bands

Jazz Band - Leo & Luna

Cover Band - The Manny Band

Bluegrass Band - The Cattle In The Cane


Wedding DJ

DJ Jake B


Kiral Productions

Photography & Videography

Sound Equipment Rentals (Microphone, PA System Rentals, etc.)

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